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When you google Cavachon Puppies, you will find lots of breeders. As Cavachon Breeders we take our comittment to Cavachon Puppies seriously. When we post Available Cavahon Puppies, we are concerned about our puppies' new homes. We reserve the right to deny a puppy to a home we believe will not be the best fit for that puppy. We request loving, nuturing, families, who are committed to our Cavachon Puppies. We keep our puppies in our homes and interact with them on an hourly basis. Our puppies are loved, well-socialized, and kept on a schedule. When you google Cavachon Puppies, take time to review the Cavachon Breeder site's carefully. You will find many Cavchon Puppies, but getting a quality Cavachon Puppy means having a breeder who truly love their puppies.Our Cavachon puppies are part of our family. We begin potty training them and they are usually sleeping through the night. We feed them holistic food and produce only quality Cavachon Puppies to ensure our customers have a quality Cavachon Dog. We care about our Cavachon Puppies for life!

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Hi Mark and Kim,
Thanks for the additional information.  I'll write more later and send some pics of Truffles with her flower lei on and doll clothes.  She again slept from 12-6 a.m. last night.  We are so grateful to you for getting her started on a great schedule!  I did want you to know that her vet visit went very well, vet was impressed she was eating such quality dog food, heart sounded great, stoll sample fine;she gave her a clean bill of health-yea!
She is having a ball discovering mulch, leaves, sticks, leaves, and the tips of my budding daffodils!  Thanks for the video! 

Uniontown, Ohio

Wanted to update you.  Truffles is very smart and a fast learner and doesn't puppy nip much anymore.  When Truffles would nip, we say "no bite" amd hold her mouth.  Enjoy the pics (she was not happy about that tutu!!!).  So thankful you raise beautiful, healthy, puppies and you care about them!  If you are ever in Uniontown, you are welcome to stop by and see her & us!


Kim, Thank you!  Prince Lucas is doing great!  I am taking him to the vet tomorrow morning.  I will let you know how the vet visit goes.  He has slept through both nights!  I put him in the cage the first night and he made a little noise for 2 minutes and that was it!  Potty trainng is going real well.  Talk to you tomorrow.

Our little guy went to the vet today.  They said he looked good and healthy.  He is doing wonderful.  His potty training is going well.  Only a couple of accidents and that was because I turned my back for a couple of seconds.  He is sleeping 7 hours at night with no problem! I wll send pics soon.
Solon, Ohio
As promised, here are a few pics of our boy!  Hope you enjoy them!

Update on Lucas (A.K.A. Max)~3/31/11

 Prince Lucas is wonderful! He lets us know when he has to do his business.  He will either go to the door and once he barked or he will stand there and this morning he pawed the door.  Last night I put him to bed at 11p.m. and he woke up at 7:30 a.m. today. He knows the command to "sit"  and Lucas come".  Hope all is well with you and your family.


April 10, 2011
Hi Mark and Kim,
We've been thinking of you too!  Little Miss Maddie is now Sophie!  She is doing great, a little nippy but doing better.  She is a real free spirit, we love that about her.
She is so funny and very smart! We put her in her crate and pen, when we got home she wasn't in there.  The next time we learned, she gets up by climbing up the pen, on to the top of the crate, and jumps down to the floor!
She is already going by the door and ringing the bell when she has to go out, although we've had a few accidents. We laughed so hard the night she discovered her reflection in the patio door. Today she went for her first convertible ride.  She seems to enjoy it.  She is ok with riding in the cars so we won't have any problems traveling with her.
 Thank you so much for the pictures. We also have some pictures to share with you soon.
 She is getting along great with all the kids and grandkids.  Even our daughter's great pyaneese Max.
 Thank you so much for making sure Sophie was going to be happy with us.  She is a perfect addition to our family.  You did a wonderful job preparing her for a new home.
We'll keep you up to date about Sophie's progress.  Sophie (Maddie) sends her love.  Come visit anytime!

John and Donna
Strongsville, Ohio

April, the left..
On Wed, May 18, 2011 
Carter had a great first night in our home. He slept most of the night from 10:45 to 5:30. He woke only once. I took him outside to the potty and he fell back asleep in about 15 min. I think he just missed his siblings. His blanket piece is in the new crate. He likes to go in there for breaks and naps. He's only had one accident! What a good boy. You did a great job preparing him for his new family.
We'll send some pictures soon. Thanks for the pictures of us last night...really cute.
Aurora, Ohio
***********UPDATE ON CARTER< NOW HOWIE!!!************************
May 23, 2011
Howie is doing great! We finally made the name decision this weekend it was between howie and maverick. He had a fun weekend with his yorkie dog cousin Crosby in Pittsburgh. They played all weekend outside in a fenced in yard. He's still sleeping. My parents took a cute picture of him...he fell asleep in her hosta plant outside. I'll send it to you....absolutely adorable! He still wakes in the night for a few minutes then falls back asleep. We took him to Maddie's soccer game yesterday.... of course everyone loved him! 
Let me know if you get the picture.

The family below adopted after Julie adopted Howie!.  They are related and after meeting Howie, they wanted a Briarhthorn Cavachon Puppy of their own and adopted Carlie!

JUNE, 2011
Kim and Mark,

Here are a few pictures of Piper. She has adjusted to her new home and we just adore her. She is a great puppy!
Hope all is well and you are enjoying your summer so far. Let's hope the weather warms up a bit!

Very truly yours,

Christine, Jason, Tatum, Slater and Piper too!
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

May 15, 2011
Hi Kim & Mark!
We are doing well and Carson is adjusting to our home. He woke up once each night to go potty which was good. He is so playful and sweet at the same time. I think my favorite picture is the first one. Thanks for everything.

May 18, 2011
Hi Mark & Kim, 
Carson had his first vet visit yesterday. He is very healthy! He did not have any worms or parasites. The boys have been having a blast with Carson. He certainly has developed a very playfull personality. I've already trained him to "sit", "come" and he knows his name. What a smart boy!!

Michelle E.
North Royalton, Ohio
Hi, Chlesea Marie (Cassie) is the cutest little girl. She loves us and sticks right by our sides. We were outside this past weekend and she loved exploring and being outside with us. She has a very sweet way about her and everyone that sees her loves, loves, loves her. Usually the response is OMG HOW CUTE!!
Thank you for the pictues that was very nice. I will send some updates your way as soon as I get her into the vet. Thank you sooooo much for allowing Rhonda and I to adopt your sweet babies. We love them so much already, and will care and love them like no other... 
Talk to you soon,
Judy M.
Lake Orion, Michigan
Nicole T. to me 
June 30, 2011

Mark and Kim,
  We just want to start by saying what a wonderful experience this has been adopting our new puppy. Mark and Kim have made his transition so easy by their great start of training Henry (Sinatra). What a wonderful puppy. He is already so good at potty time, cuddling, sleeping, and playtime. Henry blends in so well with our family and couldn't be a better fit. My daughters just love him to pieces. He is so good with them and really just lets them do whatever they want. Whenever we are out with Henry, there is always a crowd surrounding him.  

I did a lot of research on what breed would be the best for us. After lots of time and waiting, I found Briarthorn Dessigner Puppies. After seeing Henry's (Sinatra's) picture I was instantly hooked to those baby blues and cute brown nose. After a couple emails back and forth with Kim. I was pretty sure they were the right breeder for us. After meeting Mark, Kim, and Henry(Sinatra) we KNEW we had the right fit. Mark and Kim were so helpful answering every question and giving us so much extra information. They have been so helpful with questions since we have had Henry home. Even calling in to just check in on him and make sure the transition has been good on us and Henry. Being in their home, you can just see how their lives really do revolve around the love and care they give their puppies. It really shows in how well Henry (Sinatra) has done at home with us. They get their puppies trained so the transition is so much easier for the new owners.

We feel so blessed we found Mark, Kim, and Henry.  

Thank You!!

Brian, Nicole, Alyson, and Madison 
Hartville, Ohio

Two days after Adoption
Mark & Kim, 
 Yes, we kept his name, Ranger--the kids couldn't be swayed! He is doing well. He has half hours where he is very "puppy" (biting, playful, etc) and then he's pretty mellow and snuggly for a while, etc. He's slept 6 hours both nights in his crate. We left him for a few hours today and he seemed fine when we returned. He seems very well adjusted and comfortable here. He's also going outside very well. He has had 2 accidents in 3 days, which I think is really good. I will definitely keep you posted and send more pictures...
Kristina S.
Sagamore Hills, Ohio
One Week After Adoption
 Ranger seems happy and well adjusted. He's eating well, sleeping well at night (last night almost 8 hours--the kids must be wearing him out playing outside!) And doing well with going outside. He doesn't seem to like to go out in the wet grass in the morning though. Little does he know that is nothing compared to what he will be dealing with in about 6 months!! He also loves to play with him toys and us! He gets along with other dogs, such as our neighbors big lab and seems pretty content.
I know it's been less than a week, so I don't want to jinx anything, but so far, so good! I will be in touch soon and see you a week from tomorrow...thanks for everything! Kristina :)

Sweet Avery found her own puppy when she went online over and over To Briarthorn Designer Cavachons and specifically picked Ranger out.  Mom & Dad heard about her perfect Cavachon puppy everyday until they came to check him out..  AND....Avery was right...they were meant to be forever best friends!!  Look how happy they are together.
Ranger in his NEW Home Sweet Home!
Thanks for such wonderful love you have given these puppies they are one of a kind and we will definitely keep in touch with all of you. Your family is great and the boys are such cuties remind me so much of my Cody. Have a great week and I will talk to you soon and if you have any questions for me please write or call. Thanks for everything both of you.

Hi Kim & Mark, Just was thinking of you and wanted to say Hello. Cooper is doing great and very spoiled. He is sleeping great at night in crate but still working on potty training we still have quite a few accidents in house. He goes outside when you take him out all the time but still doesnt go to door on his own. It will come I know he is growing and right now weighs 8.5 lbs just love him. I will send more pictures soon. 
Hope all is well ttyl 

​~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UPDATE ON COOPER, 4 MONTHS OLD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Jul 13, 2011

Hi Kim and Mark,
Cooper is doing great and is Super Duper Cute still. He is a very busy little guy and getting much better at the potty training. He goes to the door alot now but we have also learned his routine. He loves to eat lol. I weighed him this morning and he was 12 pounds so he is defintely growing. He soon will be going to groomer once he has his last shots.
He defintely keeps us busy like a baby but is so worth it. In a few months we are going to train him on the electric fence since we dont have a fenced in yard and sometimes he does well and goes potty and comes back in and other times wants to do the run game. I am very thankful we found you guys and him. He still has those sharp teeth and likes to bite. I am thinking of doing the bells at the door also I like that idea since we cant always see the doorwall. He also sleeps all night and has for months now we just had the first couple nights that wasnt good and I think that was getting use to his new surroundings. He defintely is a very very smart boy. Everyone that see's him thinks he is Super Duper Cute!. I will post more pictures when I get a chance we have been very busy with baseball Cody's team is going to state finals next week. I hope all is well with everyone on your end and I will be in touch soon with pictures of our little guy.

Thanks again for everything Rhonda and Cody

JULY 8, 2011
Hi Kim and Mark,

Our family is so thankful to have found Carson! He is absolutely a joy and we all love him so much. We hope to come back and find him a sister next summer.  In the meantime we are spoiling Carson and he loves it.

Carson came home with us on 5/13/11 weighing 4.5 lbs and we have had the opportunity to really bond with him over the past 7 weeks. Our vet says he is doing fabulous and now weighs 9.7 lbs and should be about 20-22 lbs as an adult. 

When we brought him home he would wake up to go potty in the middle of the night for just the first few nights and then would go back to sleep. Since then he sleeps through the night and wakes up when we do. We are still working on the potty training and I think we almost have it. Carson will go to the door and sit there but will not bark so we have to make sure someone is around to see him there. We have hung Poochie bells? for him to use to let us know when he needs to go out.  

Carson is very playful and is very curious. One of his favorite things to do is dig in the dirt and then get a bath with treats. He is very confident and playful with other dogs. His best friend is a 35 lb German Sheppard puppy. Carson is taking puppy classes for basic obedience/manners and he is doing great but is distracted because he thinks its a PARTY!!! We take him everywhere we can. Carson enjoys going to my son’s baseball games and has become the team mascot. People think he is so adorable and we are so proud to call him OURS!
Thank you so much for the loving care you provide to your puppies! You genuinely love what you do and it shows. Keep up the good work because everyone needs to have a Cavachon in their family. It was a pleasure to get to know you and consider you part of our circle of friends. 

Cavachon Addicts,

Michelle, Scot, Kyle and Ryan
North Royalton, Ohio


Jul 12, 2011
Hi Kim and Mark:
Well as we speak Chelsie is running from the family room into the kitchen, around the table, back into the family room, under the coffee table and back to the kitchen. She is so silly we laugh at her as she is entertaining herself...

Seriously she is a very smart little girl. She is now just a couple ounces under 10 lbs. Cute as a button. Completely potty trained. Only had a handful of accidents ever and goes to the door and sits there and stares out until she is let out to potty. We are just waiting for those sharp teeth to fall out!! Can't wait for that as she does like to bite us and that can "Hurt". She is although very good with our little 10 month old grandbaby. He absolutely loves her and crawls after her and screams with delight. 

We just got back from our cottage after a 10 day vacation. She is very good on the boat and seems to really enjoy the evening rides we take. She also loves to go on the golf cart rides we take up there. She is so good on the car rides, sleeps most of the way, on her back with feet in the air. We are going to get her groomed this next week, she gets so hot and her hair has grown so long and getting thick and wavy. She is not going to be curly at all which I am glad for.

So glad you wrote, my husband and I were wondering if you would keep in touch. I want to get some pictures to you. I will take some this weekend at the lake. You will be pleased with her. I am sure she is one of your cutest pups. She has those eyes that look as if she has black eye liner on. Her face is precious!! Course all moms think their baby is the cutest, Right

Tell Mark that she is a little sweetie. She will lay on the back of the sofa behind my head. That is exactly what my Cocker Spaniel did. She knows how to sit, shake, give 5. Also if you are holding her and tell her "give me a hug", she will take her head and lay it on your neck as if to hug.

Rest assured she is loved and well taken care of. We are thankful that you trusted us to be good parents to her and allow us to raise and love her. 

I will forward those pictures next week. Until then, take care and God Bless.
July 13, 2011
Kim & Mark, it was wonderful seeing all of you! We took Lucas with us to the Poconos for the week. Irwins sister has a home there. His sister has two big dogs and Lucas loves them!!! He played so nicely with them. Irwins sister's family do not like small dogs and they LOVE Lucas! Kim, he is such a sweet dog! We all adore him. He is getting nurtured on Monday :(
Please let me know when a new litter comes along. I really loved this last litter. Hope you are having a great summer.

Kyle, Carson, 5 Months Old, & Ryan
Antoinette K. to me 
Aug 4, 2011 

Hi Kim and Mark, 
I, just want you to know that we really enjoyed our visit. Thank you for inviting us back to your home to see the new puppies and show off Bella! Especially since she was just groomed. Your both such wonderful people. You, care so much about your puppies. Pre training them, giving them so much love up until they go to their new homes. And, it doesn't stop there. Your still interested in seeing them growing up and their families.(Always keeping in Touch)We, love that about you, as Breeder's. We, could have not found better Breeders than both of you! The, Cavachon breed is everything that you said she'd be. Very, loving, Loyal, great with kids and loves everyone. Also, very easy to train. I, believe that Bella Knew her way around your house. And, she remembered being there before. I, also Love - Love the new puppies. I, realize that they already have new homes. I, still wanted to put Spencer in my purse. He is so tiny and adorable. I, just loved him. Maybe, in a year or so, we'll think about getting Bella a brother. P.S. I, was just kidding about Spencer. Thank you for everything! Keith and Toni
August, 2011
~~~~~A Note From Us Here At Briarthorn Cavachons~~~~
We love adopting puppies into friends and families of previous adoptive families or adding another Briarthorn Cavachon to a family.  Cavachons love playmates...they'll even settle for a cat, but Cavachons as best friends is unbeatable. We know because our best friend adopted a Cavachon with us. All we have to say is: Sissy's here and she gets so excited!!  ( See their pics in this message below).We also have a family who adopted from us because there are 5 Cavachons in their cool!  Read the neat email we received below:
From:Terri J.
Subject: available puppies
Message:Will you be having any puppies available this fall? We are looking for a female black,white, brown. My parents got one from you and we love her!
Read What Janice and Jim had to say just a few days after taking Chloe home!
***Janice & Jim picked Chloe out of the Litter at 2 Weeks, so She got Named right Away!***

Hi Kim and Mark,
Well Chloe is settling in...She has been exploring the house with our help, of course, and has finally found the door to go out to go potty. At first, we carried her to right in front of it, but now she knows and will go to her spot outside. Once outside she is pretty quick to do her business, because she knows about her treat inside. She is so cute waiting for it. She has quite the personality. Everyone just loves her except Ella, the 20 month old, who is scared of her. We don't know why...she just cried and wailed Friday when we got home...I told her mom she needs to bring Ella over so she can get used to her. Today they were over and it was a little better. Chloe slept last night til 2:00. Jim got up and then she heard him, so he took her out . She fell right back to sleep until 7:15. Tomorrow is vet day... I'll let you know how it goes. One of my son's friend stopped over Saturday to see her. They have a King Charles Spaniel that they brought over... and want to get another dog ,but his fiancee wants a non shedding one...They were thinking of a cavachon and I said they had to come see you if they are interested...Not right away, they are getting married in Sept. and building a house, so they have a lot on their plate. Jana says she thinks they have looked at your sight. They live in Cleveland , so we'll see what they decide. 

Thank you so much for all your help and the care and love you gave Chloe. She has a good start and we can tell how dedicated you are to these puppies.
Update On Rugby:Randi S. to me 
August 26, 2011

Rugby is doing great and becoming an integral part of our family. She
had a good visit with the vet and was very brave when she got her
shots. She weighed 5lbs! They did mention that her kneecaps were loose
but the vet said it is very common in small breed toy dogs and very
rarely needs surgery. Have you heard of it?  My vet wasn't concerned
but she just wanted us to know.
School started yesterday and we getting into a routine of picking up the kids at the bus stop. She is the star there!

I have attached more pictures of her for you to enjoy.

Hope all is well with you!

Rugby Gets Plenty of support going to her Vet Visit!
Our Molly at 4 yrs. old.  She loves to run errands.  She isn't groomed here and has been a bit spoiled by snacks. (Don't do this..ha, ha!)  We were told she would only be 8 lbs., but she is 20lbs.  She is an amazing pet, just perfect and I am glad she is big enough to keep up with our family to play and go on long  walks!  Molly and Gracie are the reasons we breed F1 Cavachons, we wantedothers to own such unique hypoallergeinc pets!
This is Molly's sister, Gracie.  We love her as much as we do Molly.  My best friend and I adopted sibling Cavachons, which is how we fell in love with the Cavachon breed.  Gracie is a successful Therapy Dog and brings joy to more people than just her owner Christine! 
Oh my Goodness...
Adorable, Adorable, Adorable!!!
Sadie & her best friend Rugby:)  

Rugby is spoiled to pieces in Pennsylvania!
From:Ann 9/3/2011
To: me 
Subject: Ellie 

Hi Mark and Kim
Ellie is doing great! We just got back from the vet and she was proclaimed "very healthy". He said all her vitals were good, her weight is perfect and she does not have worms or ear mites. She got one shot and some deworming medicine. He suggested giving her 3 small meals per day until she is 16 weeks just to prevent her blood sugar from dipping in the afternoon. She is doing very well with potty training and she is sleeping through the night in her crate. She also goes happily into crate when i work in the mornings. We are all so happy to have her as part of the family. Thank you so much - we really love her!
A Note from Briarthorn:Ann and her family contacted us several months before they adopted their puppy and waited patiently for the puppy to fit their timing & needs. Ann reported Eliie shipped without any problems.  Ellie now lives in Massachusetts.

CanYou Say PRINCESS???Miss Ellie has FOUR boys to spoil her!!

Hi guys -

Things are going great here. In two weeks, Spencer has experienced his first earthquake, first hurricane, and his first sailboat race! The hurricane caused a four day power outage for us, so Spencer got to know a lot about candles, flashlights, and monopoly!
He saw the vet again this past Tuesday - - everything is good and he weighed in at a jumbo 3.7 pounds! He needs a good haircut, but the vet doesn't want us to get him groomed until he hits 16 weeks.
Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from his sailing trip. The first is with Maria, and the second is with Zoe and her cousins Duncan and Dolan. Dolan is holding Spencer, and his family owns a cavachon in Minnesota, which is how we came to know how great they are. Enjoy the pics - - talk to you soon!


September 2011
September 11, 2011
Hi Mark & Kim

Glad to hear from you. Sophie is doing great. We have been enjoying her so much, she fits our family perfectly. She enjoys going for rides in the Miata and is a hit with our miata friends. We also take her camping,where she always manages to find a place to dig a hole. She has been to puppy class. The instructor said she was well adjusted to being with other people and animals. Sophie was a quick learner in clicker training.and commands.
Our family loves her and we have no problem finding a sitter when we need one. I have included some pictures of her so you can see how she has grown. She weights about 12 lbs, has a beautiful silky coat and a tail that curls around her back. And yes she is very spoiled!!! 

I visit your web site often. I love seeing all the new puppies. We hope our daughter (Terri J.) and her family will adopt from you .
Two cavachons will be twice the fun. 
Take care
John & Donna

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Elizabeth S. to me 
show details Sep 23,2011 (1 day ago)Â
Hi Kim and Mark!
Just checking in to let you know how great Lola is doing. Had her second round of shots done today. She is very healthy and now weighs 8 pounds! She is a darling! We love her so much! The cats are starting to accept her too. Our one cat Thomas(in the photo) will play with her a little even. The other cat, Bruno just stays away. She is a celebrity everywhere we go. She loves sleeping around my head on the top of my pillow. Or in my closet on top of my shoes!
Just wanted you to know how she was. Will check in again soon!

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