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We remind you as you view these testimonials, all words as exact as emailed or sent to us.  However, we DO NOT believe it is safe to place a families' last name on the web.  Therefore, we use first names only.  You can tell by the amount of pictures we receive back, that we love & Cherish our adoptive families and they love their Briarthorn Cavachon Puppy.  If you have sent us a picture of our Cavachon and update and it isn't on here yet, we apologize, the puppies keep Mark busy all day.  I do the site, and teach Kindergarten, keeping my days busy..but we will get to them.  We sincerely thank you for making our puppies ever so loved and popular to visit.
This is a Briarthorn Cavachon Puppy, Boomer!
Mark and  Kim, 
     Hope your summer has been going well! We have had a wonderful time with Maddie. She is quite an energetic handful but is adorable and so popular everywhere we go with her. Everyone just loves her!
     We are sending you two photos - one of her in the rain and one after her first grooming. She did great!
Thanks again for giving us a great dog!! She is so well-adjusted and brings us much joy!
Hope all is well, 
Allison and Andrew
​Hello Everyone,
SOX is doing great and is very SPOILED! He has a GREAT personality and is very sociable. We have him walking with a leash and harness which he doesn't mind at all. His walks are around our yard and he is starting to venture a block away from our house with the harness. 
Our vet said you provided a thorough medical history and shot record record. He also stated SOX is a healthy puppy and should provide us a lot of company and pleasure. 
SOX is almost sleeping through the night; when I hear his bark I take him in the fenced in a portion of our yard. He likes to run around the yard as well as in our great room. He is very smart; already responds to his name. He also likes chewing on my golf whiffle balls and I gave him one of my golf hats which he likes to play with inside and outside of his crate. We only wish we could have gotten him sooner.
We will send more pictures soon.

Joanie, Art & SOX
Somerset, MA
Second Update-December, 2012

I sent a picture from my cell phone of SOX, 
you knew him as Rookie. We will be sending 
more later this week.He is now almost six 
months old, weighs in a little over 7 pounds. 

This picture is after his first hair cut,
 he is soooooooooooo cute and he knows it. 
He has been a GREAT addition to our family. 
SOX is like my shadow. Not speaking for 
our two cats, my wife and I love him. 
His loves playing with a golf ball, tennis ball 
and his favorite is a dinosaur. 
We are extremely happy to have SOX, 
every home should have a cavachon.
Best Regards,
Art R., 2012                          
                                                          Sox Updated Picture December, 2012
Aug 14, 2012

Hi! Thought I would give you a short update on Bo. He is doing great and is a true delight. Loves to ride in the car and his favorite friend is
 Maggie the cat. (She lives next door.)

I am attaching a 6 month picture.

Sue L.
Oct 22, 2012
From:Elise G.
Hi Ohio Family!
I turned ONE today and the Giants 
are going to the World Series!! 
The best present ever!!
Love to all!

To: Elise
Oh my gosh-he is beautiful
and so healthy!  Thank 
you for giving him such 
a great life!  
Happy Birthday Big Guy!
Love, Your Ohio Family

October 24, 2012
Hi Kim and Mark, I just wanted to give you an update on how Rigby (born 2/11/12) was doing. He's our love and a wonderful puppy!! He's cuddly, soft, and very friendly with all. Thanks for breeding such a wonderful dog!! I will send you a recent picture. Sincerely, Darci K.
Hi. Just wanted to share a pic
 of Logan and his buddy Rocky 
getting ready for bed. He lays 
down with Logan every night and 
helps him fall asleep. He's a 
fantastic dog that always gets 
compliments whereever we go. 
We put him through puppy training 
and he mastered everything even 
his trick which was rolling over.
Thanks again for the perfect dog!
 Lori S. and Family
RE:Best Christmas Ever
Dec 26 , 2012
We had an awesome day! 
Thanks for everything! 
The kids love her, 
her name is Mary Grace!

I will send the video shortly!
Take care and we will stay in touch!
Shannon L.
Dec 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, Kim and Mark,
This picture of Poppy was taken yesterday, the only nice day we have had for a couple of weeks. She is almost 11 months old and weighs 12 1/2 pounds, which turns out to be the perfect size for me. She is a very sturdy little puppy and continues to delight me. Poppy is learning to do some tricks and just loves doing them. Plus it is great fun teaching them. 
Carol & Poppy

Dec 21, 2012

We are so excited that Popcorn will soon have a friend from Briarthorn!! Shannon has told us all about Merry! We can't wait to meet her!! I sent you a Christmas card today, but also wanted to tell you what a joy Popcorn has been! She was the star of her puppy kindergarten class at OSU Vet School, and she dressed as a fairy for Halloween. She's such a snuggle bug! We are so grateful to have her! Merry Christmas to you and to all of the cuties at Briarthorn!! 
-Sally H.

***Kathy Adopted from Briarthorn Cavachons and later his sister Adopted Too!
Oct 26, 2012 
RE; Thank you for "Angel" for my sister

Dear Kim and Mark, 
Just an update for you on beautiful "Angel." I just wanted to thank you again for giving my sister the honor of adopting little "Angel." She has been the BIGGEST blessing to my sister Karen. She had been grieving for her Ginger with a heavy heart. ( I wondered how she would get through it.) Now, she has been filled with smiles as her adorable puppy "Angel" marches by with a giant leaf in her mouth-- or zooms by on the heels of our wonderful "Panda girl." The entire family has fallen in love with her. I want you to know she has the love she deserves. She is of course, a queen ---with toys galore, and beautiful little sweaters and best of all, tons and tons of love and affection. The two cavachons are so similar in their beautiful disposition I have to wonder if they share a same parent???? These two beautiful cavachons are the most treasured blessings, and have brought sooo much happiness to our families. I know in my heart I will be calling you again some day for another gorgeous dog. Blessings to you and your family!! Thank you again! From the families of your "Panda Girl" and "Angel"

Kathy R. and Family
December 30, 2012
Hi Kim and Mark!

Just want to say "hello" and Happy Holidays! Here is a picture of your "Panda Girl" and "Angel" with my sister and I. The girls are doing great! They are the best of friends and see each other almost everyday! They enjoy playing and wrestling and having fun. Panda is already 6 months old and my pride and joy. We do everything together. We walk everyday no matter what the weather. She loves playing in the snow and chasing all the squirrels in our yard. She brings so many smiles to our faces and is a neighborhood celebrity! She likes other animals and children. She will even accompany me to my dog walking job and walks next to a big boxer and st. bernard. Karen is so happy with Angel, and says she is really an "angel" in all ways. 

Hope all is well with you and your family. I often look at the website just to see the all the cuties and who is lucky enough to adopt one.

Love, your "Panda Girl", "Angel", Kathy and Family, Karen and Family
Jan 9, 2013
Dear Kim and Mark,

Happy New Year! We just wanted to give you an up date on Chowder (Hermey). We just adore him and he loves us but misses his Ohio Family.

He went to the vet and passed with flying colors. Chowder let the vet examine him and give him a shot with out a peep. The vet was so impressed with him that she took him to visit all of the office staff and even took a Christmas picture of him for their office wall and website.

Chowder is so smart and well socialized. He greets everyone with kisses even big dogs. They all say what a good boy he is and that he is very SOFT. He already knows the commands to sit, stay, take it, down and it's only been two weeks. House training is going great, he sleeps 7 hours at night in his crate and has very few accidents.

All I can say is that we should have gotten a Briarthorn Cavachon earlier!

Hugs and kisses,
Felicia and Chowder (Hermey)

​January, 2013
Mark and Kim:

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed the holiday and had some time to relax and enjoy family and friends.

 I can't believe the girls will be 11 months old on Friday….almost a year old. They are the joy of my life and are quite the characters. Such different personalities….noone believes they are some the same litter. Sammi is now a little over 12 lbs, think she is close to full grown. Our little Nikki is a whopping 6.2 lbs and quite the little "monkey" (as I call her). I thought you would enjoy a few photos. We are having so much fun with them, their first snowfall (hysterical), their first Christmas….Nikki doesn't run like a normal dog -- she hops like a rabbit and leaps like a reindeer….while wiggling her hind end…she is so so funny. Sammi is my girl, follows me everywhere and can't seem to love them enough. My groomer (took me three groomers to find one I liked) said quote: "they are very sweet and clearly you have a very good breeder"…to which I responded…I clearly do…they complete my family! Thanks again!

Have a great 2013! I always check your site in case I get the bug for a 3rd! Will let you know.

Attached picture of girls in their winter coats in front of the Christmas tree!, another one of them cuddling -- they still do every once in a while...will send a few more. (love seeing the girls on your site). I am sending a special one of Nikki, especially for Mark….she definitely makes you melt!
Linda G.

January 3, 2013

Hi Kim & Mark,

Hope your Holidays were as joyous as our with our new little baby. Maya is doing great and has adjusted to her new home without any issues. We are starting to make some headway on potty training. (I forgot how tiring that is!)
We took her to the vet for her first appointment last week and she is 5.4 pounds now and had her next round of puppy vaccines. All the family is in love with her and we are so thankful to have her. We will send you more pictures down the road.

Jeanne L.

Kathy, Joe, add a second Briarthorn Puppy to their Home
To the left, Briarthorn Puppy #1,
 in the center, Briarthorn Puppy #2​
March 10, 2014
 Kim & Mark,

 Hope all is well! Wanted to email some new pics and give you an update. Lemon is about 15 pounds now. She has us and her Pembroke Welsh Corgi brothers wrapped around her Cavachon paw. She loves to cuddle but she loves to romp and play with the boys, too. Every where we take her she charms people with her manners and sweetness, plus she likes to show off in case they might have treats:) She is my little shadow and follows me everywhere and jumps in my arms when I get home from work. I cannot think of a better way to be welcomed home. Lemon loves her Corgi brothers and they love her too. They play so well and nothing is cuter then watching them give each other kisses!
 We love her so much and are so thankful she is part of our family. I am including some pics, too.
 Notice the one with the sock. She loves to grab one of Jon's socks and carry it with her. She doesn't chew it, she just keeps it with her. Too funny.
 Regards, Tonia and Jon S.

Here's Lemon at 1 year old.
Mar 21, 2014

 Hey hope you are all doing well!  Zoey is now 4 months old, we are going on a week and half with no accidents! She is asking to go out to potty every time! A few houses down from us a family has a pet pig! Zoey loooved the pig, I'll attach a photo.  she is 9lbs and healthy! We just were at the vet Monday, he said she has the best temperament ! Barrett and her are seriously obsessed with each other and we have been out walking a lot and people stop us all the time! Thanks again! Just like to send u updates from time to time, here are some new pics don"t mind all of Barrett's toy story pajamas lol 
Feb 1, 2014 
Hi Kim and Mark!
It's been 5 months of fun and Dot is a super dog!!! She is so loving, playful and snugly!!! She has been a great addition to our family.
Hope your 2014 is wonderful.

Feb 22, 291
Hi!!! We love our little dot!!!                                                     Such a great addition                                                           to our family.

Thank you!!                                                                        Kelly O.

Kelly and her best friend
both adopted a sweet
Briarthorn baby. Here they
are on a play date!


Hi Kim and Mark,
Hope all is well with you, your family, and your Cavachon puppies. I check your website every now and then and can only imagine how busy you must be with the new arrivals, in addition to all the other things that go on with family life and working.

I've intended to write you much sooner with an update about our little Abby girl (formerly Bella from your 9/2/2011 litter). Seems like time just flies and I was hoping to include some nice edited pictures of her--but what I have attached will have to do :-) As you can see, she is adorable, and we are truly enjoying her. She is a smart little puppy and is doing very well with our training efforts. We live on a court and each of the three families on the court have gotten puppies within the last year, and yesterday we had a visit from another new puppy that lives behind us. Abby will not be lacking fo playmates! She loves people and is so happy when we have company

Abby has been to the vet regularly, so she has all her shots and has been spayed and microchipped. We still have our wonderful pen arrangement in our family room, and she's happy to nap and spend the night there in her crate. For Christmas, one of my sisters made a great fabric covering for the crate with a flap on the front panel that, when it's down, is her signal to be quiet. When we're home, we are able to give her the run of the house--which she, of course, much prefers over the pen. :-) She has a whole box of toys, and so far has not taken to chewing anything other than her things. What a good puppy!

I found a delightful young gal who recently opened up her new dog grooming business--The Uptown Poochie Parlor.--don't you love the name! When I took Abby for the first time she was looking pretty scruffy with her puppy fur sticking out in all directions, but Julie trimmed her really cute, and she looked gorgeous when I picked her up. Her coat seems much easier to maintain than the Bichon we had before. 
 think about you both often and what a nice experience we had choosing our puppy , e-mailing back and forth, and meeting you. Our community is holding a "Bark for the Cure" event in connection with our big Relay for Life, so I'm planning to take Abby and she will be wearing the pretty scarf and breast cancer pin you were so thoughtful to have on her when we got her. (I might have to put a border on the scarf to make it a little bigger, since she's grown to be 11 lbs.) She's just the right size for us!

Kim, I've often wondered about your little student Lydia, and hoping she is doing well. You are such a caring teacher. When you get a chance, I would love to have an update on her. As to my health, I have been truly blessed that everything has gone so well. I am recovering from the last phase of reconstruction surgery and am able to be home with Abby for another week. I had a P.E.T. scan a month ago, and everything came back "excellent." Yeah!

Abby and I will take advantage of this lovely Spring day and go for a nice walk soon. I imagine the mild winter has been nice for you in getting all those little puppies outside.

Kathleen, Hank, & Abby