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Enjoy videos our families have shared with us
of our Cavachon Puppies in their new homes!

Bentley fetches only 
a few days after arriving home!  
Three Briarthorn Cavachons in a row..all neighbors..one by one each adopted and we are thrilled that the puppies have play dates!
Two Briarthorn Families adopted for  Dave, Farrell, and Trinati, then adopt a second Briarthorn puppy to surprise Grandma with a puppy who loves their Ruby. 
 Here they have a play date!
Watch both videos for double the enjoyment!
Ashton, now Rookie, is a lovable, fun puppy! Watch the video above and below.
Want to know how another pet welcomes a Cavachon into your home?  Watch this video to see how Briarthorn Cavachon raises their puppies to play with other animals.