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Hi Kim and Mark!!!

Thank you for being so patient with this reply as we have been so busy! We are IN LOVE with these puppies! They are such an amazing addition to our family. I can't thank you enough...they are potty-trained, ringing bells at the door, sleeping all night since we brought them home, loving, cuddly....PERFECT! Our vet just adores them, the employees fight over who gets to hold them! The groomer and staff told me that they are just the best puppies, no biting, growling, barking, resisting, etc. They just love Bryson and Lady as much as we all do!  

The pups have been on a terrific schedule from the beginning, eating, playing, pottying, and sleeping at the same time every day. They even take their afternoon nap at the same time as Jack and Bridget! They look forward to the older girls coming home from school every day as they get their daily loving as the girls wind down from the day. They love their crate and retreat there on their own when they are ready for a rest. They have never nipped or chewed on anything other than their toys, and they are so gentle with the kids.  

Bryson is weighing in at 8 pounds and Lady is 11 pounds. They are healthy and doing wonderfully. We are so glad to have gotten them together, despite everyone's reservations and fears that it would be "too much". They are best friends and have never even whimpered because they are never alone. We love having two, we feel so lucky to have them.

They love playing outside, especially in the snow. They love taking walks and always want to walk right next to the stroller by the baby!

Thank you so much, because of your hard work and love of cavachons, we have the best pets in the world!! Our family and friends cannot believe that they were used to going potty outside, were already crate trained and on a schedule when we got them. They were so well socialized, they were used to kids, household noises and other pets. Because of that, they had no trouble adjusting to life with us!!!!

Thank you two for everything, you are wonderful people with compassion and love and Mark and I feel blessed to have met you and your family. We can't wait to come and visit soon!

Love, Kendra, Mark, Ava, Audrey, Jack and Baby Bridget

From:Dave to me
​Date:Jan 31, 2012 at 5:58 PM
Subject:Another Puppy?

Mark/Kim, I hope you both are doing well. Ruby is growing like crazy! My daughter and I gave her a bath tonight. I saw that you posted the Christmas photo of Ruby and our daughter on your web site. :-) Well - The reason I am writing is that we are thinking about getting a Ruby sister for my wifes mother. She fell in love with Ruby just like everyone else. So - I'm checking on the availability of a puppy like Ruby (apricot female). :-) Let me know when you might have one available. T
Thanks! Dave
Dec. 2011
Thanks for the thoughtful note. I hope you had a safe and wonderful Christmas.  Ruby quickly gained our love and continues to be the focal point of our family. We are amazed how well she does socializing with people and other dogs. She is very outgoing and confident. We have hired a trainer who works with us to teach her to follow basic commands. She is growing so fast. She gained almost 3 lbs in less than a month and now weighs 7.5 lbs. everyone who meets Ruby falls in love with her. She is so cute. I would say she is adorable, but at the moment she is trying to bite my finger! :-)

I have attached the picture that we used for our Christmas card. 

Have a great New Year!

Dave H. 
Things are going really well! Rooney, as we have renamed him, has been to the vet, had a great check-up, had a bout of diarrhea for a few days needing a bland diet, has gained weight since then, and has gotten the hang of housetraining. He is soooooo loved! I will attach a few photos just so you can see just how loved he is. We are super happy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Kristin and Rich B.
Dec. 2011 

Hi Everyone!
I am getting sooo big! I'm almost 4 pounds now and feeling great!
I almost look as big as my brother, Beau, in this picture!!
We have so much fun together ...we play tug-of-war all the time! He is very good to me and we play all day together! It's 70 degrees and sunny here...hope you are keeping warm!
Love to everyone back home!
​Feb. 2012

Feb. 2012
Hi Kim and Mark
Just a quick note to let you know Bentley is doing great......eating more and more everyday, sleeping, pooping and playing!! We just love him! He is such a cuddly little guy too. He sleeps through the night and has been getting up later so it is great. He goes to bed about 10-10:30 and gets up around 7am.....never wakes up during the nite.
Here are a couple videos Mike took of him.....our youngest son is a Cinematography Major and will be home for spring break in march so I'm sure he will take some movies of him we will share with you.....
take care
Sue and Mike K.

Feb. 2012
Tucker update..
From:Kimberlee to me 
Hi Kim and Mark!
I just wanted to let you know that Tucker did great last night! He slept all night, from 12 til 6:30. He whined for about 5 minutes when I put him in his bed but was done and quiet for the rest of the night! He played in the snow when we got home and we visited our neigbors!  
He met a couple of the neighborhood dogs and loves his new toys! I think he spent a little time on your couch! He whined and whined to get up on our couch then promptly fell asleep, on his back! LOL! He is so cute. 
Thanks so much! He is sweet and spunky! We love him!
******Below is a note from Kim the morning after they took Tucker Home.  Incidently, they picked Tucker up late and didn't even get home until the evening!
May, 2012
Hi Kim and Mark,
I took these photos yesterday as the California poppies had just opened. This plant was a volunteer that was growing at the corner of the greenhouse. The sun was shining and Poppy was posing. I was lucky and got a couple of good shots.

Poppy loves all of her many toys and I love buying them for her. She also gets so very excited being outside with so many smells and interesting things. Now that she has had all of her vaccinations, we will soon start exploring the beach, a brand new adventure.

Poppy had her 1st short visit with the groomer for a bath and a trim around the eyes. When I went to pick her up, Poppy was showering the groomer with kisses. I've carried her on some errands around town and many people exclaim, "Oh, what IS she and where did you get her? She is SO cute!"

After Poppy falls asleep in my lap, I put her in Father's (103 in 2 weeks) lap. He just pets her and pets her and says, "I think she likes me". A pleasure for both of them.

Thank you so much for such a delightful puppy! Poppy was 16 weeks old last Friday and weighted in at just under 7 lbs. She has almost doubled in size and weight in the 2 months I've had her. It is a joy to watch her personality develop. She is so much fun. Poppy is indeed "blooming".
This must be the flower Mom used to get my Cool Name, Poppy! It is so beautiful and smells good too!
Tue, Jun 12, 2012 

Hi Kim and Mark,

We are so sorry we haven't emailed you sooner about April, we have been so busy with her. She has been so much fun and Alayna and MaKayla love her so much!

Also, she has been sleeping through the whole night. We usually put her to bed around 10-11pm and she wakes up around 9:30-10:00am which is great! She is definitely growing on a daily basis and we will send you a picture so you can see her! She still has a few accidents in the house but is getting much better! We can't imagine not having her with us...she is part of the family :)

Thanks so much for breeding such a wonderful puppy!

Please note we CHOOSE NOT to post our customers' last names on the web due to concern for their privacy, as well as safety reasons.  

.On Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 8:52 PM, Valerie R.

Hi....this is Abby, born 2-11-12, I just want you to know how much I really love my new family. They have taught me so much, and I am only 4 months old now. I went to the vet last week and got my last round of puppy shots and weighed in at 4.8 lbs. I'm glad those shots are over because they made me cry, but my Mommy made it all better by giving me my favorite treat. I have been doing really good on my potty training, no accidents for a couple weeks now. I even know how to sit, lay down, roll over and come when I am called. I even enjoy walking with a leash. My mommy says she would like for me to sleep alittle longer on the weekends, she says I get her up too early, I guess I will work on that...LOL I am sending you a picture of my new haircut I just got this week, my groomer said I was very good :) and could tell that Mommy has worked really hard with me. Of course Mommy had to take me to work and show off my new haircut. I really enjoy going to work with Mommy, I get all sorts of attention and toys from everyone. I really would like to see some pictures of my sisters and brother if you have any....Mommy says I was the cutest....LOL Thank you again for giving me a good start and I will continue to let you know how I am doing.....Love, Abby 

Abby in her new home~April 2012!
Outside, napping , and look how tiny by the computer!
Abby updated pics. June, 2012
She weighs 4 pounds, 8 ounces here at 4 months old..she looks so much bigger here..Just Stunning little Girl! We are so proud and blessed to have such wonderful families to love and raise our puppies!
Update on Nikki and Sammi
From: G., Linda

Mark & Kim:

Our wonderful life with Sammi and Nikki gets more fun everyday. They are growing bigger and more independent each day and are a complete joy. Sammi is growing in leaps and bounds….her last vet appt., last week she was 7 lbs. 7 oz (to think she was 2.8 lbs when I brought her home) and our little Nikki is now 3 lbs. 15 oz. (and she was a mere 1 lb. 8 oz a little more than 2 months ago)….they are healthy, happy and just the loves of my life. They were groomed for the first time yesterday and wanted to share a few pics….there are both cute as can be and I just cannot get enough of them!

 I also thought that Mark would love the third pic attached…Nikki continues to sleep on her back…she is such a funny little puppy and grabs everyone's heart. Sammi has become a real Momma's girl. She follows me everywhere. Thanks again for breeding the most wonderful dogs. There are truly a dream come true.

Hope you are doing well…I check your site from time to time…wouldn't be surprised if I didn't get another little one someday!
Take care!
Linda adopted sisters Nikki and Sammi!
From:Ali A.
To: Me
June 28, 2012
Hi Kim and Mark,

  Just wanting to let you know how much we are loving Coco and how grateful we are to both of you! She is such a joy and an amazing cuddler, we just couldn't love her more. It was such a perfect surprise for the boys and it was well worth the wait! Sending you a picture of our family and one with Coco and her sister with Shane and I at the airport right after the puppies arrived. Thanks again so much!!

-Ali, Logan, Caden, and Coco
Shane and Ali didn't know each other but both received their puppies, whom are sisters, on the same day, same flight-How Cool!
Ali surprises her boys!!
June, 2012
Hi Kim and Mark,
     I am sorry I am so late with an update on spot! It has been a very busy 2 weeks here in our household! Our new arrivalJ 2 graduations, 2 Birthdays, College orientation and now packing up for the beach, and Spot has been great with it all!
     We have changed his name to Rudy although Claire insists on calling him Buddy. He truly is everyone’s little buddy He now weighs 5lb The name Rudy is from the movie. It is one of our families favorite movies. Small but mighty and never a quitter.  
     We want to Thank You for the amazing job you did with him! He has slept through the night since day 1 He goes to the door when he needs to go out, He barks only if he needs something. My friends who have had puppies don’t believe me when I tell him how well behaved he is. Of course we have had a few accidents, but mostly because of human error. I think he is brilliant and wanted to name him Einstein but I got a veto on that:)
Everyone Loves him and he has a very nice laid back disposition just like you said!!! My one regret is that I did not capture on video my sons reaction when he came home from school and we surprised him with Rudy. It truly was priceless and I can honestly say that I believe it was Jimmy’s happiest moment ever. It is in my memory for every!!!

I will send you another update with pictures. ( I have taken quite a few but my son needs to help me upload them) I am tech challenged

I hope your summer is off to a great start!

Talk to you soon,
Ellyn , Paul, Carter, Sean , Jimmy and Claire W. 

July 2, 2012
So, yesterday was Lola's 1st birthday! 
We took her to pet people and let her
pick out some toys and a bone. 
We made a cake a sang happy birthday. 
I bought her a doggie bed too. 
Still love her! Best dog ever!!!

-Liz, Eric, Avery & Aidan

October 2, 2012
Good Afternoon,
I hope this email finds you both doing well.   I am emailing to send you a couple of new pictures. One is of Lemon on “her” blanket and the other is of her wrestling with one of her brothers (Jay).    She has been a wonderful addition to our family. We love her so much! I will send more pictures in the near futureJ
Tonia S.

October, 2012
Good Morning,
Sorry I have not been in touch with you sooner. Bailey has become a beautiful boy, he has more energy than I could ever have imagined. Everywhere we go people come up to us and want to know what kind of dog he is. He has made a friend with a 4 month old Rottwieiler just down the street from us. She waits for Bailey by her gate every afternoon, and he in turn drags me there to see her. Her owner, Donna, says she has never really liked small dogs but Bailey is definitely the exception. She gets a real kick out of the two of them playing. Zoey, that is her dogs name, actually let Bailey leave yesterday with one of her bones. 

Ron walks him at the park downtown, which I have included in the pictures, and he meets lots of new dogs as it is a wonderful park provided by the City of Nanaimo, they even have doggy bag dispensers, a doggy fountain, which Bailey loves, and garbage bins to dispose of the doggy doo.

 Ron and I are both so happy with him, he just makes us smile with his expressions. He loves to play and everything is a game right now.  

I thought you should also know that we also had him neutered and microchipped as we don’t ever want to loose him. The surgery went well and he is completely healed now with no problems.  

I could go on all day, but for now I will send you these pictures so you can see for yourself how beautiful he has become.
Have a great day.
Debbie & Ron from Canada

Hello from Michigan!
Wanted to give you updates on Mr. Milo! He is doing wonderful- such an energetic, spunky, cuddly puppy. 

He is doing great. He is up to over 6 lbs now- I think it is mostly fluff. He is starting to go to our back door and bark when he has to go out for potty- the vet said this is very early for a puppy- I believe he is a genius. 

He had his first trip to the groomers, where everyone just fell in love with him. He interacts very well with all the dogs and they also said that is so great for a puppy. I take him on walks at the park, and he loves the other dogs. He goes right up to them and sniffs them. He enjoys going to Abby and JT's soccer games also, we have decided he is the team mascot. LOL!

Everyone compliments us on how cute and adorable he is. Must be because we had such great breeders! Here are some pictures. I go back to your site often, just to see how far Milo has come!

Attached are some pics, one is after his first "cleaning" at the groomer. They trimmed his eyes, and washed him. Then there are a bunch of pics of "sleepy Milo". He loves to sleep on the couch and near the kitchen sink by our feet. 

Andrea and Family

From: Valerie R 
Sep 19, 2012
 to me 
It's me, Abby. I am now 7 months old and I now weight 8 pounds. I've have alot to share with you. Remember my Mom complained about me getting her up to early in the mornings, well, I now sleep in bed with Mom and Dad and SHE is waking me up now. Now I want HER to sleep alittle longer. I am still learning new tricks....I now can sit up on my hind end, I can spin around on my back feet, I can high five and my most favorite is playing fetch. I'm pretty good at that and I could do that all day. My Mom took me back to the Vet to have me fixed, she said that was very important. It didn't feel important, but I bounced back real quick. We got a new pool this summer and Mom and Dad made me wear a life vest this year, but said next year I should be big enough to maybe not wear one. I'm not liking this cold weather or rain. The new things on the ground, Mom calls them leaves, scare me when they blow across the yard, she just laughs. She keeps telling me wait till the snow, whatever that is. I am sending you a new picture of me with Moms' Grandson Kaiden, it's one of her favorites. I will continue to stay in touch, hope all my sibilings are loved like me.  

September 4, 2012
This is Savannah meeting Katie's 90 year old Grandpa.  
He thinks Savannah
is great!
Mary Beth
​October, 2012
☺Hello! This is Katie. Here's another picture.{We love giving each other kisses and being silly!} ☺
August, 2012
Mark and Kim,

My family would like to adopt a puppy. We have looked on your site for long time after one of our family members got a puppy from you. They have said many good things about their dog and suggested we get one form you. We would like to know when the next litter of dogs will be born so we can be ready to put a deposit down.
Elizabeth  K.and Family from Pittsburgh PA

Monty gets his family and goes home to
           play with cousin
Rooney, another Briarthorn Cavachon!

Oct 02, 2012
Subject: Happy Rachel

I just had to thank you so much for all the time you spent with us ! You opening your home, hearts and puppies to our family is so kind. Rachel is so excited to become Casper's mommy! It was a little hard for her to leave her new little puppy that she has wanted for so long...but when we were getting ready for bed and we peeked on your website to get another sweet look at our newest family member- Rachel squealed with delight! How thoughtful that you put on the website that she had adopted Casper! It made everything feel so much more real to Rachel! She was so happy that she giggled as she went to bed. I haven't seen my daughter this full of joy in a long time. Thank you being so thoughtful to even think about the littlest details and how special that would make this experience for our family. We feel blessed to have found you, Nicole, Rachel, & Eric B. 

.Casper loved her new Mommy from the Moment she met her.
Hello Kim and Mark,

Jillie is doing fine, she has settled in quite well. She is chasing after her new brother every chance she gets. Her vet visit went well she was up almost a pound, 4lbs 7ozs. Her appetite is great...
I have attached a short clip of her playing with skipper.

Thanks again,
Rick and Marion
Plympton Wyoming Ontario, Canada

***NOTE: Rick drove 5 hours after getting off work to get his wife this puppy she wanted!  Jillie joined their Cavachon dog, Skipper at home.

Sep 13, 2012
RE:School picture day with JA and Thor

Best buddies! Thor is doing great, he's such an awesome dog! Loves his crate, hardly has any accidents inside, sleeps at night like a champ, loves kids and other dogs! We walk JA to school sometimes, which Thor LOVES! As JA says, he "completes our family!" :). He's nipping a lot when he plays but I anticipate he will grow out of that.

Added note from Briarthorn Cavachons:
Puppies nip to teeth, as well as that is how they interacted with Mommy and siblings.  They do grow out of this, thankfully quite quickly.  Meanwhile, as Lisa does, offer lots of chew toys, with a firm voice instruct them with a "No Bite" and offer a toy~while you state GOOOOD BOY, play with toy, give frozen or cold washclothes to chew on, nylabones. or other teething materials.  Puppies will train quickly to nip/chew on the acceptable items. 
Sep 2, 2012

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that Lola's first night went great. She whined for half a second and slept for six hours. She whined on the way home for about 1/2 hour. She just wouldn't settle down. Julie finally just let her go and she climbed over the console and wedged herself between my leg and console and fell right to sleep. She knew what she wanted!! She stayed that way almost the entire way home. The grandkids LOVE her. They wanted to spend the night to "help" me! She had a lot of fun playing with the other dogs. Too cute! She wants you to know that she misses you, but thinks she's really going to enjoy her forever home.

Love, Carrie

**To right, picture of Lola on the ride home!