Kyle, Carson (5 Months Old) & Ryan
Cuteness Galore!
More Happy Familes to Love our Puppies!
Eric and Elizabeth drove hours to get their Briarthorn Cavachon Puppy. 
They made in home in time to surprise their children when they got home from school!  
Sammi, now Lola, is so loved & spoiled by her family!
Gracie drove with Grandma and Grandpa from Pennsylvania to get Chloe, their Blenheim Cavachon Puppy!
Rocco (Briarthorn's Diamond) and Sadie
now live in NJ with their new family.  A puppy for each child in the family!

A fan club of her own...Briarthorn's Tara becomes Ellie and lives in NJ.
Our first Briarthorn Puppy to become a Canadian Citizen!
Cooper and Chelsie, brother and sister, at almost 6 months old~adopted by 
best friends Rhonda and Judy and their families. 
Great puppies for such great people!
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Kent, OH 44240
What's a better surprise than Mom and Dad picking you up from school and taking you to the airport to pick up a puppy!!!  Sean and Connor were in shock!  They named him Dakota! As Cavachon Breeders, we are blessed to get such loving families for our puppies to become part of:).
Shannon and Carlos bought their puppy sight unseen.  When they got back from vacation and came to pick him up, Shannon stated he was absolutely perfect.  Gunner, Now Messi got a perfect home!.
Kerry picking her new Briarthorn Cavachon Baby up from the airport..instant love!  To the right Toby finds immediate comfort in his forever home:).

Scott, Stephanie, & Rachael lived hours from the closest we came up with a plan to meet them 1/2 way so Rachael could get her best friend. 
 It was a surprise for Rachael!  Rachael met said her new puppy and said, 
"She's everything I ever dreamed of!"
Be sure to read their update in the customer testimonials.
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John, a young, brillant boy, did all the research and search for his puppy.  He and his mother drove 2 1/2 hours to get their Briarthorn Baby.  We can't believe how blessed we are to have such wonderful families seek out our puppies.  Therefore, our Cavachons get homes where they are loved, adored, and most importantly..spoiled!
Wow, another wonderful family.  We worked with this family for months to get their Christmas Cavachon.  Robin got off her night shift as a nurse and on the road  for their 6 1/2 hour drive.  They stayed at our local Holiday Inn Express, had a nice brunch and then headed on the road, this time for 5 get their little guy.  We love this family and are so glad Brady, now Koda, is part of their family!  Robin, Steve, and Makayla report he is spoiled...!
An early Christmas Surprise meant the girls got to enjoy their puppy the entire Christmas break.  Syndee got our name from a family whom adopted from us before..we are so glad..another fabulous family for our Cavachon Puppy to become a part!  The girls named her Moxie:).
See Toby Now on the home Page!
Terri is picking up her Kids' Christmas Morning Surprise.  Terri fell in love with her parents' Briarthorn Cavachon, Sophie, who is on the front page.  We adore this entire family and like all the others have become truly an extended family of ours.  
Merry Christmas Amanda & Adam!
Here is Mommy picking Up Your Puppy!
Your Mommy & Daddy work very hard to get you your perfect little
Cavachon Christmas Surprise!.
When your Mommy met her, she cried and said this is going to be a
 Merry Christmas indeed. 
 Daddy was at home keeping you busy as to not spoil the surprise!
Her & Sophie will be best of friends.  What an honor...two Briarthorn Cavachons in the family!!!
Two Briarthorn Cavachon Puppies are twice the fun 
& easier to train~so we have been told!
See Our Puppy Arrive Safely on Video on the Shipping  Cavachon Page
Here is Rudy getting 
picked up by his new family!

It was too far for Kathleen & Hank to drive due to her recent surgery, so we split the difference and met them to deliver their Cavachon Puppy.  Kathleen had her little girl picked out since a birth and waited patiently for her to be 8 weeks!
Surprise...Lexy on the left and Abby on the right, got a HUGE surprise after Abby's dance competition...they thought they were coming to look at a motorcycle for Dad, but instead Tucker was waiting for them. They had spotted Tucker online and was SO sad when they saw him marked as adopted!  Little did they know their parents came and purchased him a week before and kept the secret all week:)  Tucker has a wonderful home, Yeah!!
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