Meet Our Wonderful Adoptive Families
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To the left is Rick and Marian from Canada. They drove 5 hours two times to get our  Cavachon Puppies. Rick is holding Matilda, their 1st Briarthorn Cavachon they adopted in the summer of 2012. She weighs 17 pounds as an adult Cavachon. 
Marion is holding Teddie, their 2nd Cavachon puppy adopted in the 2103 summer. On the floor is Skipper, the first Cavachon they ever had. Skipper isn't one of our dogs, but oh boy he is such a good boy and a handsome one too! We love this family! Rick and Marian report all are happy being Canadian citizens!
What lucky Cavachon Puppies!
Surprise...A birthday surprise for Steryling from her parents!
​Ginger's New Family
​Ella's New Family
Below are Family Friends. The Moms are best friends and the two girls in each picture holding the puppies are best friends. Meryl on the right adopted and the told her friend on the left. They adopted sibling puppies, great people!.