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Instant Love Occurs When Children Meet their new Family Member!
These families below lived close enough to pick up their Cavachon Puppy or decided to drive to pick up their Cavachon Baby from Briarthorn Cavachons!.
Oh we LOVE this family from North Omstead, Ohio. They are the best pet owners!!  
Here is their 2nd
 Briarthorn Cavachon Puppy,Chloe! 
Carson, their first Briarthorn Cavachon looks bigger here than he is in person.Carson the Cavachon, weighs about 17 pounds as an adult Cavachon. 

Julie (from Lexington, Kentucky) & Terri (from Columbus, Ohio) 
made the trip to pick up their Cavachon Puppy.

Briarthorn Cavachons are huge fans of these young people!
This is Thomas who saw us at our vet with our puppies while we were all in the waiting room and approached us about adopting one of our puppies.
 What an amazing young man! 
He picked his puppy out on his own, paid for her with his birthday money and savings, drove out to get her and has made all the phone calls himself back and forth to us. He is doing all the puppy care when he is not at school.  We know where Thomas will be in a few years..very successful!
Thank you Thomas for loving Shelby so much!
This is Rachel who convinced her mother to drive three hours to pick her puppy out for her birthday (see customer testimonials from Rachel's Mom).
Here is another amazing young person who again saved her money and for her birthday got her puppy, her forever BEST FRIEND.  She fell in love wih Casper online and loved her unconditionally from the moment she met her.  Casper took to Rachel like she knew she was born to be hers.  A few hours with Rachel and we knew our puppy would be raised with overflowing love and admiration.  What a loving and responsible young lady who know doubt will make her future as amazing as she is!
Thank you Rachel, for loving Casper so!!

This is Katie from Indiana who picked her Cavachon Savannah out online and we sent her updated pictures until we met them half-way to deliver Katie her Cavachon. Katie also used her birthday money to get her Cavachon puppy and has herself emailed us updates and these wonderful pictures, which have done our hearts well.  Katie takes Savannah on visits to see her 90 year old grandfather.  Katie is a true sweetheart and a fabulous young lady!  Another big thank you to Katie for giving our girl, Savannah, such an incredible life!
This is Helen from Michigan whose family on their way to visit family on a summer trip, stopped by meet us and pick her choose her Cavachon puppy.  We got to also meet their dog Dot, who
would be Boo's big brother.  Helen choose her puppy herself and did almost all the emailing back and forth to us, except for when her parents contacted us to surprise Helen and have Boo arrive earlier than they had told Helen...a wonderful family indeed.  Helen has done an outstanding job with Boo and we are so thankful this mature, wise young lady came into our lives.  Thank you Helen for giving Boo a fun, loving, and awesome life! And by the way, we borrowed your "Creative"  name for a future puppy~you are awesome Helen!
This Briarthorn Cavachon named Hogan gets to go to work on with his Family.  We also hear he goes everywhere with his family.  Tabitha, on the left while taking her dog to the vet, saw us at our vet with our puppies and turned her friend, Barbara onto us..lucky Hogan. Here is Barbara, her son, and his girlfriend Tabitha picking up Hogan. Tabitha and Barbara like to run a marathons, so we are pretty sure Hogan will lead an active life.  They live on a small lake and report Hogan will do a lot of boating as well! We are so thankful to Tabitha for leading Barbara into our lives and our little guy getting such a great life!
This is Barb and Steve, a wonderful Dog-loving couple whom came to our home to meet us and then again to pick-up their sweet baby.  Barb has all the ladies at church helping spoil their Cavachon.  We love this couple and know our baby is now the center of their world. She joined big sister Maggie at home.  Barb says her only complaint is the puppy is too darn smart! We are blessed they found us!