What Do I Need For My New Puppy?
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Bringing your Cavachon puppy into your life is so much fun and provides everlasting joy, comfort, and laughter. 
 Prepare your puppy perfectly to make his/her training effective, while treasuring your time together by following our proven tips.
Set-up an area where your puppy will sleep and play when he/she will be on their own.  We like to use a 24" tall dog gate (we got ours at Petsmart) with their crate inside this area. Buy a piece of linoleum about 6' X6" to place under the crate and gate. This area will be where you place your puppy whenever you aren't right with your puppy.  This prevents puppy from having accidents in your house and chewing on things. Below is our set-up and a few of our adopted puppies set-ups.  We like a 20"X 24" crate, with a divider to make the puppy's sleeping area smaller (we don't need the divider here).  A puppy will not potty were it sleeps.  When we can supervise our puppies, we take them out to potty, and then let them have the run of this large room, with the gate opened, but blocking off other rooms.  This crate is where your puppy will sleep at night until your puppy is completely potty trained.  

Our Cavachon puppies know their crates as "their" place and are completely crated trained.  The majority of pet owners work and need their puppy to be safe, comfortable, and at ease when left alone.  This is the importance of a puppy being crate trained and we ensure your puppy has a great start.  Be sure to unerstand this crate/enclosed area is where your puppy will retreat for naps and relaxation during the day (unless they are cuddled with you or having their free run and romp time after their outside potty break). Later,  as an adult Cavachon dog, your pet will not need the gate and you can leave the crate door open as their crate will be their favorite place.  You will then have a crate that your puppy is trained in and you can take this collapsible crate to relatives/friends when you travel and your puppy will be able to tag along and be at ease and sleep well.


>Have a  variety of toys ( this is the fun part taking your puppy shopping or shopping for your new family member) to help your puppy get exercise, as well as durable chew toys to help those puppy teeth out.  Our Cavachon puppies love to play with golf balls.  The can easily get them in their mouth, they bounce, and roll easily.  We like these over the tennis ball puppy balls where the puppies tend to work the fabric off and can ingest it.  We suggest just a few soft, stuffed type of toys to begin with.  Puppies easily rip these open and they contents can be very dangerous if swallowed.  Always check your puppy toys for signs of wear and tear.  Replace as needed.
​>A stainless steel bowl is best for water. Of course you'll need a food bowl.  
>There are all kinds of holistic and hypoallergenic foods for puppies.  We recommend using this type of food for your Cavachon. It helps you puppy grow its best and avoid immune problems and other major help problems.  We have researched commercial dog foods and were surprised at what is allowed in them.   Major pet stores have a lot of foods that have these labels, but few really meet and exceed the AAFCO guidelines, which means they have human grade ingredient levels, no chemicals, and minimal processing.  We found only one brand available at major pet stores.  You can find the best selection at holistic pet food stores.  Try sprinking some frozen organic peas on top of their food.  They love it.  

******NOTE: While one of our customers was searching for her Synergy food at her local pet store, she asked the Synergy Salesman there stocking the food about the brand. She stated he was "shocked and IMPRESSED" that a breeder would feed their puppies such expensive, high quality food. He asked to contact us to ask why we do this such high quality food. What a wonderful compliment. He did inform us that at one year of age, you can switch your food to any holistic line of their natural products. The puppies do not need the 28 % protein that the puppy food provides. HE said the puppy at age one would need more of a balance of fat, protein, and fiber provided by the other products in their line!

>As soon as you get your Cavachon puppy home, start him or her on a harness or collar and a leash.  Start training them to learn how to walk on this.  Puppies become fast runners quickly, so it is important that they are on a leash for their safety. We have a collar on our dogs, but sometimes on the smaller puppies will use a harness.  It prevents the puppy from being pulled off balance as you are training him/her when you use a harness. It also is easy to safely pick up your puppy shall a larger puppy approach your puppy.  IMPORTANT:  Take you Cavachon puppy's collar off at night time for safety reasons.
>Dog ID 
>Canine Toothbrush/Toothpaste is recommended by some pet professionals.
>Stainless Steel Comb and some type of Brush
               New Cavachon Puppy Shopping LIst:  
  • Crate, soft blankets, or small dog bed to put in crate
  • Various texture toys, durable chew toys, soft toys, balls
  • Holistic or Hypoallergenic Puppy Food, Holisitic Treats 
  • (We Use Whole Grain Cheerios and/or organic frozen peas)
  • Stainless Steel Tooth Comb
  • Brush
  • Canine Toothbrush  & Toothpaste  
  • Collar, leash, or harness
  • Dog ID with Contact Info.
  • ​A new memory card to capture all the cuteness and love you are about to get!
Our Puppies love 
"teething"  keys!
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A Happy, Healthy, Fluffy Briarthorn Cavachon!
As mentioned above, Cavachon Puppies 
benefit from having a variety of 
soft and hard toys!
Our Puppies have been spoiled by us, and surely appreciate a soft "throne" of their own!
Awww. Baby Luke, now a top breeding sire, Daddy for us is Tanner's BFF.
A family shares their photo of the exciting time the children had preparing for their Briarthorn Cavachon Puppy to come home!
We provide you with a four page document on how we do things here, which details puppy care. When the puppy arrives home, feed him/her 1/3 cup 2 times a day. Puppy feeding amount will increase with the age and weight of the puppy as he/she grows:).
Refer to your vet and the food label.