About Adult Cavachons
Hello and thank you for visiting us here at Briarthorn Cavachons.  We are unique breeders because our own pet is a Cavachon.  We adopted her five years ago as a puppy. Our best friend adopted her sister.  We can offer you information about Cavachons, from puppy stage into adulthood.  Our Cavachon Puppies here at Briarthorn, are F1 Cavachons just like our Molly and Gracie, our friend's Cavachon.
Read below for Common Cavachon Characterisitics.
Here are Molly and Gracie as Puppies and below at 4 years old Adult Cavachons. They are Sable & White Cavachons.

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Cavachons are as cute and have unique personalities into adulthood, as they are do as puppies. Things we have noticed about Molly and Gracie as adult Cavachons are:

*They are so content they sleep flat, and I mean flat on their back, all stretched out in ways that can't be comfortable, but apparently are!
*Adult Cavachons love to sleep all stretch out, legs back, and feet completely hidden under their face.
*Adult Cavachons are loyal and demonstrate impeccable obedience.
*Their tails must all be broken because they continually swing back and forth!
*Adult Cavachons are guilty of licking you a lot and love to snuggle next to you, on your lap, by your head, or wherever you'll have them.  If you won't pick them up, they'll settle down on top of, or near your feet.
*Cavachons are excellent family dogs, love children, and all pets.  No fear
of them nipping or biting children as adult dogs. No dominant traits in this breed.
*Cavachons love water, boats, swimming, but aren't fans of the dew on their feet in the morning.  Our Cavachon will walk clear down the drive and over into the grass...to get where she wants to be in the grass...so funny!  Go figure!
*Cavachons aren't barkers and typically just wag their tails when someone comes.  However, if another dog barks, Molly will join in for a second to see what's going on, then stop and study the situation. Gracie will not bark, but will wag her tail excitedly and wait for your attention.
*Molly is about 20 pounds, we were told she'd be between 8 and 10 lbs, Gracie is 17 lbs., but both love a good walk and can keep up with playing with anyone who will play with them.  Gracie loves to have her monkey thrown so she can go fetch it.  
*Cavachons benefit from weekly brushings.  Molly and Gracie don't shed as promised in this breed, but do benefit in looks from being groomed every 6-8 weeks, depending on their haircut. As their hair gets longer, brushing it occasionally prevents knots.
* Adult Cavchons love to curl up for a good nap.  They love to love and be loved.  Pleasing their owner is top on their list and truly exhibit both their Bichon and King Charles Cavalier parent traits.  They are so loving, sweet, and gentle.
*In conclusion, if you're looking for a true addition to your family who will be a guaranteed fit into your family, while bringing your family closer and delivering on being be the ideal pet, do not pass up the Cavachon!

Molly and Puppy (Max) Playing and then Molly says..WHOA...I don't think I want a kiss, even if you are my good friend!!
Molly and a Briarthorn Cavachon Puppy 
napping on their 
favorite place....a lap! 
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Below are a few updated pictures that we have received of our Cavachon Puppies as Adult Cavachons. Note the different kind of haircuts that look good on Adult Cavachons.
Thank you  to our wonderful families for the Cavachon Puppies updated pictures sent to us by our now adult Cavachons!!
To the right, Joe, Kathy, and Chloe picking up their 2nd Briarthorn Cavachon Puppy. Their adult Cavachon, Panda Girl, on Joe's lap is 17 pounds full grown!